Pigment Workshop

These photos where taken from a 2019 “Pigments Workshop” presented to graduate students at Boston University. They archive an ongoing series of workshops and lectures breaking down three physical elements of paint: pigments, grounds and binders. Allowing access to an array of painting techniques through developing individual practices; they illuminate conversations around material as they relate to culture, economy and intention. By sharing this information, the hope is to promote such dialog among artists and all those thinking about art.


Pigment Absorbencies.

Mixing Ultramarine Blue with different oils and fillers.

Workshop 9.24.2019.

Array of different binders, glues, fillers.

Whiteboard notes with paint ingredients.

Workshop 9.24.2019.

Mixing French Ochre SOFOROUGE in Linseed Oil.

Workshop 9.24.2019.

Mixing Nickel Titanium Yellow and Vagone Green Earth in Walnut Oil.

Paint bladder from the Forbes Pigment collection, Boston, MA.

Thank you to the BU students who took these photos and for being so welcoming. Special thanks to Josephine Halvorson who invites me back every year.